50 shades of grey movie New trailer !

Finally here the (new)  second trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!!!

If you have been holding your breath for the second sizzling new trailer of Fifty Shades  Movie .well the wait is finally over and trust us when we say it doesn’t disappoint!

This new trailer of 50 shades  will only increase the heart rate further. It shows us a more in depth look at how well Jamie and Dakota are perfect for the characters of Anastasia and Mr. Grey with that electric chemistry they keep bringing out scene after scene of the whole trailer is enough to get us all fired up and at the edge of our seats and leaving us with no doubt of how intense the movie will be.

As if Beyonce wasn’t already Queen of everything, another one of her songs is featured in the most anticipated film trailer ever.The song Haunted is from Beyonce self-titled album released at the end of last year, and those lucky enough to see the footage said that the sexy song accompanied the more daring scenes from the movie and like Beyonce says,

“I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.”

Enjoy the trailer and…

                     Laters baby!!!


Second Trailer of fifty shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades fandom when we found out we were getting a second trailer this month:

Of course, if universal share the date for the Trailer, I’ll let you know as soon as I know. .

Which new scenes do you expect/think we’ll see in the second fifty shades of gre official trailer ?


Can we break the youtube record again when the second trailer comes out? ♡

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fifty shades of grey movie trailer

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a trailer for a trailer OMG what is this world coming to, i loved these books and i hope to god the film can live up them and the hype. TODAY SHOW JULY 24 50 SHADES OF GREY FIRST TRAILER
Cincuenta Shades of Grey día de san valentínFoto: Happy Birthday Christian Grey<br /><br /> #FiftyShadesFor those of you looking for Jamie with a smile check out his most recent photoshoot at the below link – oh my..

Foto: Are you ready? #FiftyShadesFIFTY SHADES OF GREY NEW JAMIE DORNAN 2014 “OFFICIAL” 2014 FIFTY SHADES OF GREY THEME SONG AND TEASER TRAILER OFFICIAL live Streaming on Today Show July 24  at 9: Am Jamie dornan and Dakota.

Music: Beyonce.

I loved the choice of Kathe, I’m loving the characterization of Christian and Anastasia, not like the choice of Joseph, and I know better Elliot will, hopefully looking forward to the final trailer of this movie, love 50 Shades of Grey!


The latest faux 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer features the same BDSM footage that has been used in numerous other fan-made videos, and it stars Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey for the umpteenth time. However, it tries to stand out from other trailers by casting a fresh face as Anastasia Steele.

Most fan-made trailers have featured Gilmore Girls actress Alexis Bledel, a heavy favorite for the role of Ana. In fact, Alexis Bledel and Ian Somerhalder are such popular choices for the roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey that they recently topped a fan poll conducted by Katie Couric.

So could Lyndsy Fonseca become the new fan favorite for the 50 Shades of Grey movie by beating out Alexis Bledel and other popular Ana picks like Alexandra Daddario, Emilia Clarke, and Felicity Jones?

Looks-wise Lyndsy Fonseca is an excellent choice for the part – the brunette beauty has a naïve innocence about her that’s a must for the role of Ana. However, she can also be extremely sexy, which is very important for all the steamy sex scenes that take place in Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain.


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