What do you think about 50 Shades of Grey the Movie?

Tell us about your experience with the film fifty shades of Grey . SPOILER!!!!!!!!!! don’t Watch Online



Why they censored  this scenes of the  fifty shades movie?

What do you think about the film? Better role of character: Jamie or Dakota?

Which character you liked most? Which was your favorite part? The movie fulls your expectations?

In addition to Christian and Anastasia, which another character in the film you liked? Would return to see the film?

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We have been waiting for this for almost five years and finally the day is just around the corner. Two  days left and we will see Mr. Grey on the Big Screen. We are going to be excited, happy and the emotions are going to be all over the place. You will want to talk about Fifty Shades. You will NEED to talk about the movie. That’s Why OfficialFifty Fansite has created a Discussion Group with. Our purpose? Talk about the movie. We will review the movie. We will talk about the things that made us laugh and cry. What we like or didn’t like. The scenes that didn’t make it to the movie, but you wanted to see them. We will talk about Jamie, Dakota and the whole cast. You know the drill. What are you waiting for? Join now. The discussion will start on Friday 2/13/15. Remember this Discussion group will have lots of spoilers, so If you haven’t seen the movie by then, I suggest you wait to join us. We don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone.Fifty Shades Discussion group

50 shades of grey movie New trailer !

Finally here the (new)  second trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!!!

If you have been holding your breath for the second sizzling new trailer of Fifty Shades  Movie .well the wait is finally over and trust us when we say it doesn’t disappoint!

This new trailer of 50 shades  will only increase the heart rate further. It shows us a more in depth look at how well Jamie and Dakota are perfect for the characters of Anastasia and Mr. Grey with that electric chemistry they keep bringing out scene after scene of the whole trailer is enough to get us all fired up and at the edge of our seats and leaving us with no doubt of how intense the movie will be.

As if Beyonce wasn’t already Queen of everything, another one of her songs is featured in the most anticipated film trailer ever.The song Haunted is from Beyonce self-titled album released at the end of last year, and those lucky enough to see the footage said that the sexy song accompanied the more daring scenes from the movie and like Beyonce says,

“I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.”

Enjoy the trailer and…

                     Laters baby!!!


Second Trailer of fifty shades of Grey

The Fifty Shades fandom when we found out we were getting a second trailer this month:

Of course, if universal share the date for the Trailer, I’ll let you know as soon as I know. .

Which new scenes do you expect/think we’ll see in the second fifty shades of gre official trailer ?


Can we break the youtube record again when the second trailer comes out? ♡

source: second trailer of fifty shades of grey

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