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50 shades of grey movie New trailer !

Finally here the (new)  second trailer of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!!!

If you have been holding your breath for the second sizzling new trailer of Fifty Shades  Movie .well the wait is finally over and trust us when we say it doesn’t disappoint!

This new trailer of 50 shades  will only increase the heart rate further. It shows us a more in depth look at how well Jamie and Dakota are perfect for the characters of Anastasia and Mr. Grey with that electric chemistry they keep bringing out scene after scene of the whole trailer is enough to get us all fired up and at the edge of our seats and leaving us with no doubt of how intense the movie will be.

As if Beyonce wasn’t already Queen of everything, another one of her songs is featured in the most anticipated film trailer ever.The song Haunted is from Beyonce self-titled album released at the end of last year, and those lucky enough to see the footage said that the sexy song accompanied the more daring scenes from the movie and like Beyonce says,

“I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me.”

Enjoy the trailer and…

                     Laters baby!!!


Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

Christian and Anastasia

Video 50 shades of Grey Movie Scenes Vancouver

Fifty Shades of Grey set to start filming in Vancouver; Jamie Dornan cast as Christian Grey

Production also begins on Warcraft and Night at the Museum 3 in the coming months

Fifty Shades of Grey kicked off filming in Vancouver today with a scene of Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) sipping tea with Anastatia (Dakota Johnson) in Gastown’s Rainier Provisions at the historic Rainier Hotel. Security men with big black umbrellas kept photographs to a minimum but it was good to see this production get underway with new casting after Charlie Hunnam’s departure. There is still some of Once Upon a Time’s Sheriff Graham in Dornan’s facial expressions in his new role.


Fifty Shades of Grey set to start filming in Vancouver; Jamie Dornan cast as Christian Grey

Production also begins on Warcraft and Night at the Museum 3 in the coming months



50 shades10

Jamie Dornan leaves set shielded by umbrellas.

50 shades8

Great news for our local film industry which is having trouble attracting major projects lately. Probably not much work in this one for my friend the stunt driver, though.


50 shades of grey Movie: Vancouver Today

I enjoyed reading this news piece until the reporter unnecessarily mentioned Gosling, when it went sour for me. Didn’t know I was among the few who didn’t swoon over this Gosling guy.


50 shades of Grey Movie First Shoot!

50 shades movie first Shoot Vancouver


I am pretty sure the movie is not as good as the book. The Christian described in the book does not match the actor and they hired the wrong actress to play Anastasia!


I don’t understand what all the fuss is about?? If the movie is true to the books then it would be considered pornographic and would not be a mainstream film. I think a movie will just ruin the imaginations we all had to use while reading. If people are seeing it because reading 3 books would be time consuming and inconvenient, then I feel really sorry for those people.


Rock on EL JAMES and Producer of the MOVIE your True fans are with you! Regardless of the negativity from those backlashing the actor choices!! CANT wait ! Super excited! WOOHOO!!!!

fifty shades darker

fifty shades darker movie tinder plus


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